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Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss

You sit behind the wheel of this vehicle called life. You can decide on the direction you choose, what will happen on the way. The beauty of this world will be visible to you at every step. You’ll be able to stop to admire it. You’ll move forward, sometimes will have to change direction and turn back. You’ll learn many lessons during this trip. Your map will require some amendments. Sometimes that’s the best way to find yourself. Keep moving forward.

So good luck and get on your way!



Oh! The places you will go! At Burning Man 2011 (LEGENDADO)

Baseado no último livro do Dr. Seuss, antes de sua morte, esta é uma história sobre ups e downs da vida, contada pelo povo do Burning Man 2011.Directed by:Teddy Saunders - www.tedshots.comPark...

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