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Professional background:

Former assistant curator at Stanford University, where I served both as a research adviser; lectured on European history; advised scholars; provided presentations for prominent guests; authored articles, contributed to numerous important books and publications; developed exhibits on modern history in Europe and U.S.; prepared publicity materials; promoted events through public lectures and TV appearances; served as outreach liaison.

Events organizer:

Organized cultural events: concerts, theater plays, exhibits, film screenings both at Stanford University, in San Francisco and other venues in the Bay Area, worked as a volunteer for the San Francisco Film Festival, covered the festival as a journalist.

Personal and artistic Interest:

Enjoy painting and design, own a large collection of European and American art, have advised museums and private collectors.

Published photographer and filmmaker keeping up to date with industry trends, developments new techniques; understanding traditional film and digital photography and developing expertise with software to digitally enhance images.

Produced and hosted for many years (250 hours of broadcast) radio program in San Francisco where I researched ideas, developed content, sourced potential contributors and interviewed creative, accomplished local and international activists, artists, writers, musicians, businessmen politicians.

Film industry:

Received training in TV and film production, sourced contributors and stories, was responsible for set designing, casting, scheduling, and managing staff, worked on 3 feature film projects and 16 documentaries, contributed to numerous television productions shown on BBC, WDR, TVP, PBS.

Peter Weir, Joni Levin, Zbigniew Stanczyk

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