Zbigniew Stanczyk - Film Consultant
                              San Francisco Guide

An American friend recently told me that I have better knowledge of US history, and that I have seen more of this country than the vast majority of natives. Perhaps it’s typical for the immigrants who seek stronger ties to their new home.
Having lived in California for many years, I still find places in my backyard which surprise me. Something new always comes up. This is especially true with regard to San Francisco. It is a relatively small city but it is infinitely inspiring. You can say the same about many places in the world besieged by tourists but unlike the rest of them, this is not a museum.

Things happen here. It is a thronged, bustling never ending concert. If you’re ready to leave your inhibitions behind it will open up even more. 

Over the years while at Stanford, I introduced dozens of visitors to San Francisco. That was one of the best gifts I could have shared with anybody. It wasn’t too long before I got hooked on it and it became my hobby. I wouldn’t get as much from it if I repeated the same thing over and over. I try to put my hands on every new book about the city’s history. More than once, after 10-12 hours of walking and driving my guests around, I still had a feeling that there was much more that could have been said. Even after thousands of photos, I have never stopped carrying my camera with me to document new discoveries.

Each one of us, even in the most remote places on the planet, carries a piece of San Francisco in our soul, heart, and pocket. What happens here is affecting global awareness, changes our way of life, the way we dress, how we transact payments, what kind of music we listen, how we communicate, and how we build bridges between nations.
 Photos by Zbigniew L. Stanczyk 
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