Zbigniew Stanczyk - Film Consultant
Poland is a perfect backdrop for producing films that require an historical background that would date from the early Middle Ages right up to and including World War II. 

Some cities have districts which haven't changed much since World War II. 
Poland has streets, alleys, squares with a great historical look, and castles and palaces which can substitute for France, England or Germany. 

In addition, Poland's natural scenery is like nowhere else on the continent, and in many places is unspoiled. Landscapes offer wide open views without signs of habitation.  
I have traveled across Poland many times and visited all of its cities and even its wildest regions. I have explored and photographed locations in Lodz, Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw, many of Poland's smaller cities, hundreds of towns, and Poland's countryside, mountains, and forests.  

I can do research, footwork and can take descriptive and interpretive photographs or video of location possibilities that reflect the aesthetic goals of the production. 
The cost of labor in Poland is one third or less of what it would cost in western countries. Film crews and extras are easy to assemble, are hardworking, speak good English, and are enthusiastic. They will make your stay productive. 

Besides feature films, television commercials, television shows, and documentary films will find a natural home in Poland. 

Contact me to arrange a pre-filming  visit to a location and to work out its suitability for shooting including access to necessary facilities.   

Example: The architecture of this late XIX century castle located in Poland skillfully interweaves themes of Teutonic fortifications, English gothic cathedrals and Sicilian Norman structures incorporating Byzantine and Saracen influences.

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