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Consultant and researcher with two decades of experience in providing thorough and detailed information.

My goal is to build a solid foundation of historical and cultural knowledge for projects, one that is accurate in even the smallest details provided information and consulting services to high-level specialists seeking advice on history, politics, culture, and new technologies.

Years of experience at Stanford guarantee that the information I provide is based on reliable sources.

Service includes:

- Highly integrated and comprehensive historical consulting

- Information on available resources: printed matter, unpublished materials, photographs, and films.

- Extensive contacts with noted historians and authors

- Consultation on script conformity to standards

- Developing projects from an initial idea into a screenplay

Areas of Specialty:

- History of Central and Eastern Europe

- World War 2

- Silicon Valley and its new technologies

Here is what the producers of Peter Weir's film "The Way Back" said about my services:

"I, Keith Clarke, as a Producer, co-writer and head researcher of the project, have found Zbigniew Stanczyk to be invaluable to our film not only as an encyclopedia of information on many subjects but his enthusiasm, professionalism, passion, patience and was infectious.

As a writer/researcher, one is often struggling to find answers but more often I am attempting to discover the correct questions to ask! There is nothing more comforting and frankly, exciting, than to sit down with a humanist, who literally asks, “How best can I help you?” When one is dealing with a difficult topic, priority is to search for the truth, the details that will bring the stories to life.

Zbigniew guided our project not only in areas that we would not have ventured into but introduced us to other the world. His knowledge of world history, affairs is evident but also his grasp of and insights into International films, was a surprising but great reference source.

It is evident that I cannot speak highly enough of Zbigniew. It is not only his intellect that we found inspiring but his presence, passion joy for his chosen is to be very much admired".

Keith Clarke and Joni Levin

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